Bow Shoulder Sling

This sling has a cobra weave paracord "strap" with two plastic clips.  The clip loops are approximately 10-11" with a total length of 58". 


Deluxe shoulder: has additional paracord over 18" between the clips

Due to some confusion, the following options are not always offered on the website, should you want them, please contact us while ordering. Thank you

Twisted between clips: paracord is twisted between the area for deluxe shoulder and clips

Color accent: a single strand of paracord woven in the area of the deluxe shoulder or loops; FireCord has an additional inner strand that burns instead of melting and can be used for starting fires.  If a color accent is chosen on the loops, it will be placed on the outside of the loops, thus determining which color is on the outside.

Please check the home page (full site) for approximate processing time.

Bow Shoulder Sling
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