Release Bracelet "Baseball"

Paracord bracelet with a plastic buckle attachment, with micro cord woven in to look like a baseball and an attached loop near the buckle for hooking into your archery release.

PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT LENGTH. Bracelets can not be made smaller or larger.

Measure the length needed from your wrist to the attachment piece on the release.  These can not be made smaller or larger. 

Since this attaches to a weapon, by purchasing, you are agreeing to be atleast 18 years of age and will inspect the item prior to each use. 

Due to the width of this bracelet we have found that it adding 1.75" to the actual size of your wrist works well. Order the bracelet size, NOT wrist size.


Please check the home page (full site) for approximate processing time. 

Release Bracelet "Baseball"
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Price $45.00

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