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Owners: Chelsea & Corey Cheff, Montana

Chelsea : I grew up in Mississippi with my step dad being an avid duck hunter, but even when I asked to tag along (which was more than welcomed by him) the roles in hunting camp were men hunted and the women cooked and cleaned.  It wasn't until I met Corey that I started hunting in 2007.  Hunting for deer, elk, bear, turkey, and grouse feeds our family.  It's not only a passion, it's a way of life. We live for September: Archery Elk season.

SOS Gear started after Corey's uncle had a life altering accident of falling 40 feet out of a tree.  Being a logger, he was lucky to be in town and we rushed to the scene even before the ambulance got there.  Fast forward one year, almost to the day, he went archery hunting with us over in the Charles M. Russell Refuge for elk.  For him to be alive after that accident is a miracle, but for him to be able to still elk hunt . . . God has a plan.

With this accident came a "wake up call" for me.  We hunt miles from a vehicle, hours from phone service.  And what is in my pack for emergencies? Needless to say we revamped our emergency supplies and also started researching items that were multipurposed. Paracord.

With me being a smaller female in the hunting world, this was my chance to build items that fit me, not my husband.  And to be able to let people customize their outdoor and hunting accessories. 


Corey: I was born into a logging and road construction family in Montana.  So being in the woods is not only something I enjoy, it is what I do for a living.  Hunting has been a means in which to provide for my family for generations.

Since I married Chelsea, I've throughly enjoyed not only hunting myself but the thrill of teaching and watching her progress as a hunter.  To me each animal is a trophy. Above all else is God and family.

Field Staff:

Mike Bachand, Alberta Canada


Mike Bachand, the only Canadian on the team, started in the outdoors at a young age making a five minute walk down the road to catch Salmon, Cutty’s and Steelhead. However growing up in a family that no longer hunted, he listened to the stories of his grandfather hunting in Saskatchewan which sparked interest and eventually a fire within. 

It wasn’t until after he joined the Army as an Infantryman in 2003 that he really got into hunting and archery, making the trips with friends during leave to scout for game.  Then making small trips during hunting season between training and deployments to hunt.  After multiple deployments to Afghanistan he retired from the military in 2014 to spend more time with his family and in the outdoors.

Hunter Imhof, Illinois


He comes from a very small town in central Illinois.  His dad got him into hunting at the age of five and has been hunting ever since.  One day he hopes to own a guiding business and bring special needs kids along for the hunt of a lifetime.

Kelly & Elizabeth Ivy

Kelly and Elizabeth met 17 years ago and will be married for 13 this September. They live in a small town in Calvert County Maryland. The county is surrounded by water with the Chesapeake to the East and the Patuxent River to the West. 
They have 3 daughters Shelby 16, Aly 12 and Haley is 10. All of whom are avid hunters with compounds, crossbows and shotguns.

Kelly has been hunting since he was a very young, while Elizabeth just picked up the passion about 6 years ago.  They hunt mostly whitetail, turkey, ducks, geese and the occasional Sika deer.  In the Spring and Summer you can find them on the water crabbing and fishing or in North Carolina catching a wave as they love anything outdoors.

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