About Us



We started SOS Gear which stands for Southern Outdoor Survival (yep! Corey came up with the name; Southern because I'm from Mississippi) in 2013 after Corey wanted a paracord bracelet.  Our kids of course wanted one too, but being 4 & 5 at the time, we couldn't find ones small enough, so I decided to make them.  

This quickly spiraled into us thinking about our gear and what we carry with us in the woods, as we are typically out of cell service and miles from roads.  So paracord was the logical item to carry for multiple reasons.

All products are handmade by Chelsea, and Corey typically tries to break them to see how well they hold up. 

I started out just making a few things then decided to put some stuff on Etsy, later creating a website, going to local trade shows and farmers markets.  For a few years, I was busy enough for this to be my full time job, often working 50-60 plus hours a week on orders, creating new products, managing social media, website, and so forth.  

Recently, I've stepped away from the trade shows and local events to focus on the products and helping grow the brand through social media, since the population on Montana is so small compared to the rest of the world.

We try and focus on our customers and are always striving to make a better product.